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With Open Responsibility you can access information on sustainability work and performance within companies and organizations around the world. Depending on your purpose, this database can provide you with data for educational purposes, for best practices sharing, or for developing new tools and applications.


Open Responsibility offers an API that allows you to access sustainability data for building new applications and tools. Read more about how to access data as a developer here.

Companies and organizations

Accessing sustainability information allows you to benchmark your organization with best practices as well as compare yourself to other organizations, industries and guidelines.

Accessing information enables you to view and compare sustainability work and performance over industries and organizations. Of course, you can also Share information to the Open Responsibility database.

You can access the sustainability information from Open Responsibility, and share your own, through the web application Worldfavor.

Researches, media and others

Open Responsibility allows you to view information on sustainability work and performance to use for purposes such as research, journalistic studies or student assignments.

Accessing information is completely free.

Right now you can access the information either by applying for an API developer, or through the web application Worldfavor

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