How can I use Open Responsibility?


Open Responsibility offers an API that allows you to access sustainability data for building new applications and tools.

Companies and other Organizations

Open Responsibility allows you to share information and statistics about your sustainability work and performance. This will enable the information to reach a larger audience and to be included in new tools and applications that are based on sustainability information from the Open Responsibility database.

Research, media and others

Open Responsibility allows anyone to view and utilize sustainability information for research, journalistic projects or for other academic purposes.

Support our cause

If you are motivated by the same vision as Open Responsibility and would like to support the cause, you are welcome to contribute.

Open Responsibility is a non-profit project run by Worldfavor AB and supported by the The Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA). We appreciate further funding support for the regular maintenance and administration.

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Open Responsibility is supported by Vinnova - Sweden's Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems.