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Open Responsibility allows you to share your sustainability information to make it accessible to a broader audience, and to allow new technology and applications to be built on your, as well as other organizations', sustainability information.

Sharing information is simple and free. We encourage you to contribute to a more transparent world.

Companies and organizations

You can share your organizations' sustainability information to allow it to be visible to a larger audience.

Share your information by using the web appplication Worldfavor. Worldfavor Digital Sustainability Management System helps you to map and overlook your own information, as well as to share it with Open Responsibility and other channels. Worldfavor is free to use.

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Share larger amounts of sustainability data

Are you an organization, an institute or an agency that has larger amounts of sustainability data, such as collections, documents or reports? You are welcome to share this to Open Responsibility.

Contact us and we will help you with this:

Common Questions and Answers

What will happen to my data?

All information that is added to Open Responsibility will be gathered in the Open Responsibility Database. The Open Responsibility Database is owned and maintained by the non-profit project Open Responsibility which is supported by the The Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA), and administered by Worldfavor (

Learn more about how the data is allowed to be used by others in our Open Database License.

What's the point of sharing my organization's data?

Sharing your organization’s sustainability information, or information that you have access to, will contribute to making the information easily accessible to a larger audience. For example, if a developer come up with a new application or program that would like to use sustainability information from for different purposes, such as comparing organizations, they can access the data from Open Responsibility to use in their application/program, and the information in the Open Responsibility database will then also be available in this new innovation.

The information will be available for other organizations who wants to find inspiration or view best practices, as well for researchers, students, media and others to view and utilize in their studies. It will also be available for individuals to view and compare, for example through the web application Worldfavor, and other upcoming applications and technologies.

Sharing your information is simply a great and simple way to be transparent with information that you already have and thereby contribute to a more sustainable development.

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Open Responsibility is supported by Vinnova - Sweden's Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems.